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Sustainability Strategy

  • Influence brands to make informed decisions that are best for people and the environment, taking a holistic look at decision making

  • Corporate sustainability policy and long-term sustainability action plans

  • Create and define policies and practices to lead the industry on sustainability

  • Demonstrate to brands how leadership in sustainability encompasses leadership from the product up

  • Implement strategy that will help shift the personal care industry toward truly safe and clean cosmetic products


Product Sustainability

  • Create ingredient guidelines and corporate policies or restricted substances lists (RSL) for brands and retailers based on safety and environmental concerns, as well as client preferences.

  • Help brands identify chemicals of high concern and develop practices for phase out

  • Help brands decide if/when to get certifications. Help them choose which certifying body to partner with and work directly with certifications like EWG VERIFIED™, Made Safe, ECOCERT and others.

  • Create sustainable packaging guidelines and corporate policies to reduce environmental impact

  • Work with nonprofits like Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families that Help retailers make strategic decisions to improve their Mind the Store rating from

  • Create product development guidelines around sustainability and ingredient screening according to developed guidelines (formulation and packaging)

  • Develop chemical management strategies and policies (comply with regulations in EU, Canada or another 3rd party)

  • Provide strategies, guidelines and suggestions to help get the answers needed within your supply chain

  • Help your brand showcase leadership on ingredient transparency and be ahead of the industry


Marketing Communications and Branding

  • Help companies build relationship with other leaders in the industry

  • Speak on behalf of clients on sustainability in the industry  

  • Develop brand strategy to amplify brands mission

  • Create blog content and strategy

  • Develop video, Facebook live, Instagram Live and Youtube content on sustainability issues in the industry

  • Create and implement digital campaign strategy

  • Create social media campaigns, including video integration

  • Bring complex issues around ingredient transparency to life through branding and marketing communications

  • Develop brand strategy to heighten sustainability stance, including brand redesign

  • Work with multiple stakeholders to gain the knowledge and flow that is needed to drive product sustainability success

  • Manage external communication and PR  teams to drive media impressions and gain positive coverage for your brand

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