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Sustainability Strategy 

  • Influence decision making holistically that help protect people and the environment​

  • Create short and long-term sustainability action plans, policies and strategies that demonstrate leadership and positive impact

  • Establish sustainability strategies across a complex supply chain that help drive innovation and an accelerated shift in creating circular products

  • Demonstrate how leadership in sustainability encompasses social, environmental and economic benefits

  • Showcase what sustainability leadership means and create pathways for businesses to achieve and aspire to it

  • Help achieve 3rd party certifications like B-Corp, Plastic Negative, Carbon Neutral, etc.

Product Sustainability

  • Create ingredient, packaging, sourcing, & climate guidelines for companies aimed to reduce environmental impacts and enhance consumer safety and protect vulnerable communities

  • Build chemical management policies and implementation plans that identify chemicals of concern and develop practices for finding safer alternatives while avoiding regrettable substitutes

  • Screen ingredients according to ingredient guidelines for formulation and packaging and help get the information needed from suppliers

  • Recommend and work with contract manufacturers, labs and tools who lead in creating more sustainable, cleaner color, skincare, haircare, body care, supplements, etc.

  • Help brands decide if/when to pursue certifications and work directly with certification schemes like EWG VERIFIED™, Made Safe, USDA Organic, COSMOS and others

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